The Logitec Plus
CM200 with pallet infeed

When you receive your coco block in bulk, the CM200 can be equipped with a bulk supply installation that automatically fills the Coco Mill.
The CM200 is mounted on load cells so that the min. and max. weight can be entered. This automatically fills the CM200 with blocks up to the preset max. weight. When processing the blocks, the weight on the CM200 drops to the min. weight, after which it is filled up again. This allows you to have the CM200 operated by the loader driver once it has been set up to your liking.

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  • Automatic filling of individual blocks
  • No loss of water
  • No waste of polluted water
  • No loss of structure
  • max. output volume
  • Humidity level of ready-to-use coconut is adjustable
  • No dust formation thanks to closed machine

Dimensions with bulk input:
Working position : 11,868 mm x 4,156 mm x 5,127 mm

  • Extended outfeed belts
  • Various voltages
  • UL/CSA version for North American market

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Logitec Plus