The Logitec Plus
CM200 with pallet infeed

When receiving your coir block on pallets, the CM200 can be equipped with an automatic pallet infeed installation which will automatically fill the Coco Mill. The CM200 itselfs stands on load cells so the min. and max. weight can be given in. By this the CM200 will automatically be filled up with blocks until it reaches the preset max. weight. When processing the blocks, the weight on the CM200 drops until it reaches the min. weight after which it will be filled up again. This enables you to have the front end loader driver control the CM200 once it has been set to your requirements.
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  • Automatic filling with complete pallets of coir blocks
  • No loss of water
  • No spill of dirt water
  • No loss of structure
  • Max. outcome volume
  • Moisture level of ready coir is adjustable
  • Thanks to closed machine no dustforming

Dimensions with pallet infeed:
Operating position : 7.774 mm x 3.307 mm x 3.297 mm

  • Extended exit belts
  • Various voltages
  • UL/CSA version for Northamerican market

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