Bale crusher

A bale crusher is a device that is designed to process compressed big bales and bring back the original volume. The machinery is suitable for processing peatmoss, substrates and wood fibers. Subsequently, the loose material can be used for different purposes. Are you looking for an experienced supplier that can deliver a high-quality bale crusher? Logitec Plus is a Dutch manufacturer that can do just that.

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A high-quality, sustainable bale crusher

Logitec Plus offers different types of machinery that support the production process of your company. We supply machines such as bale crushers, bale scrapers and bale shavers that will simplify and speed up the processing of bales. Throughout the years we built up a loyal client base as well as a worldwide dealer network and gathered a lot of experience in the horticultural sector. Thanks to our close cooperation with almost all major suppliers we can provide tailored automation solutions for growers worldwide. This allows us to adjust your bale crusher to fit your every need.

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Would you like to purchase a bale crusher or are you interested in our other products? As a leading supplier of horticultural machines, we offer tailored solutions and provide excellent customer service. Do you have any questions about our company or our automation solutions? Please call +31(0)71 3413919, fill out our contact form or send an email to

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