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Do you work with horticultural machines, and would you like to purchase a bale shaver? Logitec Plus, based in The Netherlands, is a leading supplier and manufacturer of high-quality horticultural machines. We offer tailored solutions for growers worldwide, have a large network of dealers and have already provided a lot of clients with turn-key solutions. Learn more about our services.

A bale shaver helps decompress compact bales in an efficient manner

For optimal use of storage capacity, compressed bales are made out of peat moss and other organic materials. This also has other advantages, such as easier handling and a longer shelf life. But when you need the peat in your production process, it can be challenging to decompress the material in an efficient manner. With a bale shaver or a bale scraper you can decompress such a bale quickly and easily.

Find the right bale shaver in our extensive assortment of machinery

Our machinery helps to simplify and speed up the processing of bales. We manufacture machines, such as a bale shaver or a bale crusher that are high-quality and highly sustainable. Our mobile installations are designed with the newest, innovative technology and have a long lifespan. Are you interested in a tailor-made horticultural machine? Logitec Plus offers tailored solutions for growers worldwide, for every situation. With the expertise of our 3D design team, as well as our software team and our specific layouts, we can provide our clients with the perfect product.

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Are you interested in a tailored bale shaver and would you like to know more about this product? Or do you have any questions regarding our other machinery or our company in general? Contact us. Call +31(0)71 3413919, send an email to or fill out our contact form.

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