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Are you looking for a horticultural conveyor belt for growers? Whether you would like to move soil from one side of the greenhouse to the other or want to fill multiple machines simultaneously: Logitec Plus offers a turn-key solution. We are a reliable supplier of horticultural machines, based in The Netherlands, that provides tailored solutions for growers worldwide. Our high-quality machinery is designed with the newest, innovative technology and is highly sustainable.

The perfect horticultural conveyor belt for growers

We are a supplier of machines for growers, offering many types of machinery such as a horticultural conveyor belt. With our belts (available in any width and length) and hoppers (ranging from 0,6m3 to 30m3) we offer competitive, high-quality solutions for any kind of movement of soil within the greenhouse. If you provide us with the layout of your greenhouse and the machines you are using for potting or filling, we provide you with a detailed layout of the soil line suitable for your specific situation. With many years of experience in the soil line industry, we will come up with the most efficient solution to automatically fill these horticultural machines with the help of a horticultural conveyor belt. So, in case of any troubleshooting, you have only one company to deal with. We also offer many more high-quality machines, such as coir shredder machines.

Discover our horticultural products

Would you like to purchase a horticultural conveyor belt for growers? Or do you want to know more about our other horticultural products or the services of our company? Do not hesitate and get in touch with us. Fill out our contact form, send an email to or call +31(0)71 3413919.

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