The Logitec Plus
Mixing Lines

We can provide custom made mixing line for the production of substrates. In the mixing lines we can mix raw materials like peatmoss, coco peat, woodfibre, perlite, bark, etc with additives like limestone, fertilizers, trace elements, etc.

In coordination with the clients we will design our lines in such a way that they will fit your requirements and available mixing space.

The Logitec Plus mixing program will enable you to store all your recipes, help you with the calibration of the various components.

The mixing lines can be combined with other equipment line bagging lines, the Big Bale press, sieve lines and truck loading stations.

Dimensions: depending on layout.
Power: 400V – 3 phase + 0 – 50Hz (other voltages upon request)
Production capacity: From 100 to 400m3 per hour

Logitec Plus Mixing lines
  • Perfectly mixed substrates
  • Just-in-time production
  • High-end quality
  • Savings on raw materials and additives
  • Modulary composable
  • Possibility to add soil delivery line to feed multiple fillers

Depending on line and available space. We can design the line to fit your available space.

  • Water dosing system
  • Volume measuring system
  • Vibrating units in various sizes to dose your additives
  • Various voltages
  • UL/CSA version for the Northamerican market
  • Various sizes hoppers and belts

Mixing lines for mixing materials and additives

The Logitec Plus mixing lines are modularly composable machines for mixing up to four raw materials with a maximum of six additives. The line is compatible with almost any filler and/or potting machine and all the Logitec machines, such as the big bale dosage bunker DB40, the CM100 and CM200 Coco Mills and the mini bale breaker MBB100. The mixing drum ensures you of a perfectly mixed substrate. Thanks to the special mixing blades, the ingredients are mixed without affecting the materials. The mixing lines are available in various sizes, ranging from 15m3 per hour till 90m3 per hour. They are offered in manual versions and automatic versions with touchscreen controls and the possibility to store all your recipes.

Discover our different water dosing systems

Are you interested in our mixing lines or our other horticultural machines? Thanks to our own 3D design team and specified layouts we can provide tailored solutions for growers worldwide. For questions of more information, get in touch with us. Call +31(0)71 3413919, send an email to or fill out our contact form.

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