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​Whether you would like to move soil from one side of the greenhouse to the other or whether you would like to fill multiple machines simultaneously, Logitec Plus offers a turn-key solution.

With our belts (available in any width and length) and hoppers (ranging from 0,6m3 to 30m3) we offer you a competitive, high quality solution for any kind of movement of soil within the greenhouse.

If you provide us with the layout of your greenhouse and the machines you are using for potting or filling, we can provide you with a detailed layout of the soil line suitable for your specific situation. With many years of experience in the soil line industry we will come up with the most economic solution to automatically fill these machines.

We build all equipment ourselves, write our own software and build our own panels, so in case of any troubleshooting you have only one company to deal with.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any enquiries or questions. We will be happy to serve you anytime.

  • Turn-key solutions
  • Custom made lines
  • Own 3D design team
  • Own software team
  • Own electrical panel building team
  • Lines work together with any brand of potting machines and fillers

Depending on your specific situation. Provide us with the layout of your planting area and we will design the line as per your needs.

  • Logitec Plus Mixing line fully intergrable
  • Water dosing system

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