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Would you like to purchase a soil mixer machine? Logitec Plus is a manufacturer, based in The Netherlands, which offers sustainable, high-quality soil mixing machines. We provide tailored automation solutions for growers worldwide. Throughout the years we built up a large client base as well as a worldwide dealer network. Discover our mixing machines and find the perfect soil mixer machine for your production line.

Simplify the production process with a soil mixer machine

As a leading manufacturer of horticultural machines, we offer high-quality, sustainable soil mixing machines, like a simple soil mixer machine and complete mixing lines. Our mixing machines are capable of mixing substrates perfectly and will simplify your production processes. Do you want to process different materials and additives all at once? Our mixing machines are designed to mix up to four raw materials with a maximum of six additives. We are a well-known, established supplier of machines for growers worldwide and have gained a lot of knowledge and experience throughout the years. Besides soil mixing machines, we are the manufacturer of a variety of other equipment that is sustainable and designed to be used in the horticultural sector.

Purchase your soil mixing machines from a reliable manufacturer

Do you want to purchase a soil mixer machine from a manufacturer that specializes in the production of mixing machines? We offer high-quality products and provide tailored, turn-key solutions for every specific situation. Do you want more information on our soil mixer machine or our other products, such as our coir crushers? Or are you interested to know more about our role as a manufacturer of soil mixing machines? Get in touch with us. Call +31(0)71 3413919, send an email to or fill out our contact form.

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