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Do you want to purchase a high-quality Coco Mill? Logitec Plus, based in The Netherlands, provides advanced horticultural solutions for growers worldwide. We are a leading manufacturer of various mobile installations, such as the Coco Mill. Discover our two different models.
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Our smaller model: the Coco Mill CM100

Our Coco Mill CM100 is able to process compressed 5kg coir blocks in an efficient and fast way. The coir blocks are gently tumbled inside a closed machine, while the installation gradually adds water to the blocks. The coir absorbs the water and the moisturized materials are removed from the machine onto a conveyor belt directly. This belt is equipped with a level sensor and controls the installation automatically.

Our larger model: the Coco Mill CM200

Our Coco Mill CM200 provides an advanced solution for substrate producers and large nurseries to rehydrate large volumes of coir automatically. The water is added to rehydrate the blocks into, after the coir blocks are gently tumbled inside the machine. This process leads to the desired moisture percentage of the coir and prevents dust formation.

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