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Logitec Plus, based in The Netherlands, is a Dutch supplier of horticultural machines, such as the Coco Mill CM200. We offer tailored solutions for companies that are active in the horticultural sector. Our high-quality machinery is designed to simplify and speed up the production process.

Two variations of the Coco Mill CM200

We offer two different models of the Coco Mill: the Coco Mill CM100 and the CM200. The CM200 provides a solution for substrate producers and large nurseries to rehydrate large volumes of coir full automatically. The coir blocks are gently tumbled inside the CM200, while water is added to rehydrate the blocks to the desired moisture percentage. The CM200 comes in two variations:

  1. For filling the CM200 with loose blocks by use of a front-end loader: CM200 bulk infeed
  2. For filling the CM200 with blocks that are stacked on pallets: CM200 pallet infeed

We also offer several other types of machines for the processing of coir, such as our coir crushers.

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The Coco Mill Cm200 is an advanced machine, designed with an innovative technology. Would you like to know more about the CM200 or our other horticultural machines? Or do you want more information about our company? We offer professional, extended services to every client. Contact us by calling +31(0)71 3413919, filling out our contact form or sending an email to

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