It started with a innovative idea.

Logitec Plus was founded in 1998. In order to reduce transport costs and with the upcoming awareness of the impact of worldwide transport of bulk goods on the environment, the idea of compressing peatmoss was born. By compressing peat moss with a big-bale press over 2 times more peat could be transported per load in container or truck. This has had a huge positive impact on reducing the amount of traffic of peatmoss and substrates worldwide.

Growers worldwide started using the big-bales and the big-bale dosage bunkers in order to regain the original volume of peatmoss as it was before compressing. It also saves them a great deal of hard labour.

Nowadays Logitec Plus is not only supplying big-bale dosage bunkers anymore, but also mixing lines, Coco Mills and complete soil handling lines.

With moving to a new factory in 2016 and having a complete team of 3D designers we have made a huge step into the future and have become one of the major suppliers for horticultural machinery with clients in over 70 countries.

We have a team of dedicated people serving you and your machines.

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